The challenge.

Mylooks was conceived to address a growing demand for cosmestic surgury and health & beauty services in Florida. Specifically, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Miami.

The Cedars/MyLooks partnership was born with the realization that our e-commerce infrastructure aligned with their business plan and brand direction, and we worked closely to iron out the details of a long-term business relationship.

The primary challanges heading into the MyLooks project were as follows:
1. Brand Awareness; 2. Website Creation

Our solution.

1. We found branding success through a series of TV spots positioned upstream of a print campaign that leveraged local tourism in our favor. Timely coordination with the Vancouver office, and our MyLooks marketing partners in Florida made for a seamless, profitable execution.

2. The website and clinic integration was completed on a relatively inexpensive budget, with most work occuring in-house. We took the lead on design and branding, and outsourced select elements of the website to expedite the timeline. Upon launch, saw immediate traction. Various improvements to the site and it's services continue to this day.

Mylooks Coolsculpting

Mylooks Voluma

Mylooks Rejuvapen