Working in Vancouver is awesome, plain and simple. If you are on the edge about taking up residence here, look no further than these top five reasons.

1: A Career in Technology

Unbounce. Hootsuite. Perch. The list of Vancouver startups is impressive.

With big names like the above sprouting out of Vancouver’s fertile digital soil, and many up-and-comers on the way, Vancity is ostensibly Canada’s technology capital. This city is ideal place for anyone looking for the professional acumen and recreational culture that comes from a high concentration of coders, growth hackers, VCs, and journalists.

Flex your teaching skills one weekend with Ladies Learning Code, or maybe attend a hack meetup instead? Whatever you are into, chances are there is a group of like-minded people that would love to meet you and talk about it. If you are looking to surround yourself with some of the brightest minds in the industry, living and working in Vancouver is likely going to be the boon to your career that you are looking for.

2: Supply & Demand

Speaking of career perks, let’s talk salaries. According to the average annual salary for a web developer in Vancouver is about $50,000.

Not only that, but since 2008, Vancouver has seen some of the biggest improvements year-over-year when it comes to technology industry wages comparative to other North American cities. The future is looking bright for “ Silicon Valley North. The only question is whether you will join in on the action.

3: Two Cities in One

The bottom line: there is a lot of beauty in British Columbia. From the people, to the mountains, to the sprawling coastline, everywhere you look, it’s almost unfair to everywhere else how aesthetically pleasing the entire experience is.

Vancouver in particular is often called ‘two cities in one’ because people are equally prone to the bustling night life as much as they are to head out into nature for entertainment. Put in work on a day-long trek through our world-renowned rain forests, then head into the city and hit up Gastown for a couple beers once night falls. Vancouver has something for just about everyone.

4: The Best Climate North of the Border

As it is nestled on the warm Pacific Coast, with the Rockies blocking most of the cold arctic winds, Vancouver has the good fortune of being spared the typically chilly winters associated with Canada. We're cool enough </bad-joke>.

As far as snow goes, Vancouver receives relatively small amounts of it—unless you are up at Whistler, Grouse, or Cypress, three of the city's world-class ski & snowboard destinations. In which case you will be looking at powder, powder, powder.

Of course, in the summer months, the city comes alive. Or many famed beaches are lively with locals and tourists alike taking in the temperate heat and clear skies, and there is no shortage of things to get up to, from Granville Island, to the Canucks. Additionally, Vancouver is a convenient three hours from Seattle, and even closer to Washington's many mega shopping outlets.

5: Why, We’re Here of Course!

Last but not least, Cedars Online is located in Downtown Vancouver.

If you are interested in tackling some of today’s most challenging (and rewarding) digital problems with a kick-ass group of marketers and developers, then you should totally check out our job board to see if there is a career opening that aligns with your skill set and professional direction.

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